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my suggestion is to go to the book store and look for one with a lot of pics and examples. You want to try and find things that relate to you and what you will use it for. The software is so powerful, you couldn't possible understand everything about it unless you will get a job where that's all you use. Even in that case, there are web specialists and print specialists. So don't just by the thickest book that will talk you through everything. Find a book that focuses on what you need, probably editing your own pics. If it helps the first book I ever bought almost 3 years ago was WOW photoshop 6. I am a self taught certified expert, and I can say that when starting out, that book was great, but I had some experience with photoshop already.
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:homey: Hi

The definitive book is "Photoshop 7Bible" by Deke McClelland published by Wiley Publishing Inc.

It retails at $39.99 USA and £29.95 UK for the soft cover version which is the one you want. It is 1049 pages long and covers everything you need in great detail.

I have learnt almost averything I know about Photoshop from this and found it easy to use although it looks a little daunting when you first pull it off the shelf.

Highly recommended

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The book I've been using is called "Photoshop Restoration and Retouching", by Katrin Eismann. It's geared mostly for photographers and steps you through all the common problems you might come across when working with digital photos and prints.

It's nice because you can jump around from lesson to lesson throughout the book. I just look up the type of problem I'd like to fix in the index. A nice feature is most of the photos in the book can be downloaded from the web which allows you to work on the same photo the author is working on step by step.

It's lacking a bit in the underlying technical aspects of Photoshop but makes up for it by solving real problems quickly without always telling you why.

It's kind of like learning a new language by listening and speaking itinstead of with a book in a classroom. Some very basic knowledge in Photoshop is helpful.

Just my $.02

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