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Default Which version of Paint Shop Pro?

Is there much difference between Versions 6, 7 & 8 of Paint Shop Pro?

I have an antique computer (P II 333) and replacing it isn't an option in the near future.

I downloaded PSP 8 and it has loads of features that I can't even begin to understand yet. However, it runs slowly and the maker says that it is happiest with a 1 ghz machine.

I'm pretty sure that Version 6 would be happy on my machine but would I be missing out on many features?
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I don't really remember a whole lot about v.6. Many people seem to prefer 7.04, which was the definitive version before 8. Version 8.0 was buggy - if you do use 8, download the 8.10 update. 8 is also much bigger and slower to load than 7, though once loaded it seems OK.

I run 7.04 on an old P200 (and it's very usable) and 8.10 on my 3 gig laptop.

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I'm still using PSP 5.0 and have used it without complaints for the past five years for various photo retouching. I probably won't upgrade, though, since I just got PhotoShop 7.
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I run PSP 7.04 on a 400MHz Pentium II with 320MB Ram, and it's fine.
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