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Default Apple Photos 10.10.3

I had an opportunity to give the new photos for OSX a try.

Making the mistake of entrapping myself into apple aperture years ago, I share the dissapointnent of many others who have been dumped by apple. Being in limbo at this time I was offered to try the new photo's for OSX to see if it would be a good replacement for aperture.

To make it short, no! It doesn't even come close to replacing aperture.

For iPhone users who would actually even own an iMac let alone do any editing on it, it's a huge step above what the IOS version is capable of. But for anyone who would happen to actually own a camera and may have an interest in post processing, photo's leaves a lot to be desired.

For comparison to photo's for IOS the most useful feature to be added to photo's for OSX is the levels adjustment and spot remover/ healing tool. There is a white balance tool but there aren't any sliders to fine tune to your liking. Only an eye drop adjustment is available.

I and probably many other aperture users have still not decided what course of action to take. Obviously lightroom is the closest thing aperture but Im somewhat hesitant to move everything over to Adobe. I used to own lightroom for a while but decided I preferred apertures UI and the workflow I had developed within.

Wait and see? That still seems like the best thing to do for now but, eventually a decision will have to be made.

Any others?
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