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Default Black and White in Photoshop

What is the best method to convert an image in photoshop to grayscale and still be able to print a rich black? My images seem to be more of a dull, muddy dark gray .........

My printer is a Xerox Docucolor 12 (a nice machine) so I don't think it is the printer.
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I generally use the desaturate tool.
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Not familiar with that printer but to put it lightly people get varying results printing B&W with inkjets--The Epson 2200 has the best reputation. As far as prepping your photos in PS, there are a bunch of ways to do it---I prefer to go into Channel Mixer, check Monochrome, then work with the sliders in all three colors. Another excellent option is an action written by Fred MIranda (www.fredmiranda.com) that gives you lots of flexibility and many subtle and not so subtle functions.
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I find that a simpler way to start exploring this conversion is just to examine the separate channels by clicking on the icon in the channel view pallet. With that view open you can also adjust the color balance and see the effect in the separate channels. This probablly gives a result similar to the channel mixer, but, I find it to be more photographic in the sense that the variables you are controlling are more like those in traditional photographic printing. You can also use this approach in conjunction with the saturation slider.

If the problem you are having is in printing what you have derived on your monitor screen you can control the amount of ink deposition using printer profiles and the transfer function in Photoshop.

Hope this helps>
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You can convert to B/W by using one of the following:
1 Image>Mode>Grayscale
2 Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation and setting Saturation to zero
3 Layer>new adjustment layer> Channel Mixer and tick the 'Monochrome' box. Suggested starting values for digital photos are 40% Red, 40% Green, and 20% Blue. For scanned negatives, use 60% Red, 40% Green and zero Blue - most of the grain is in blue layer.

Different photos will work best with different methods, but you will always have to adjust the contrast using a Curves adjustment layer.
If you are using colour management, keep the image in RGB mode.

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I have no knowledge of your printer. I uuse an Epson 3000 and an Epson 800.

One of the things I discovered, at least with these two printers, is that the paper I se for color print might not look good with B&W.

For example, the worst paper for my printer and color, is the Hammermill Jet Print Ultra - Yes it's the best paper I have for B&W!

Go figure?

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Try the KODAK B&W T-MAX 100 of Digital Film 1.6.5

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after you convert to b&w, in order to help out the muddy gray, you should make an adjustment to the levels. Adjust the black and white points until the histogram fills the whole range. you'll get better contrast. You could also try auto levels or auto contrast. They work well if you know how to use them.
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