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Default photoshop cs vs photoshop elements

What are the obvious differences between these two? I have elements and when listen to people using cs or 7.0 I can't figure out why the extra ??????


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CS has a lot more functionality than Elements, but here are what I'd consider to be some of its key features -

Colour Space management. Rather than working in sRGB all the time you can choose the best colour space for the job (manipulation, Internet, printing).
Bit depth. If you've got a 12 or 16 bit colour depth in an image Elements cuts it down to 8. CS supports the full bit depth.
Edge Sharpening. Not just USM but the ability to detect edges and then sharpen them

As it is I ended up buying Nikon Capture Editor for working with my Nikon RAW files, and keep Elements for my JPEGs. NCE gives me those three features, and as a result I use about 50 percent of the functionality I've bought rather than 10. It's also a lot cheaper.

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Another major advantage is the ability to use curves.

Suz, why not go to the Adobe website and download the trial copy of CS and then you can have first hand experience at noting the differences. I think you get 30 full days of use.
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Default Good Advice!

Thank you for the information and the great advice.

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I didn't think that layers were in Elements 2, but I could be wrong.

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all around stuff...of course...i've never used elements...or CS....just adobe photoshop 7....
does elements have the ability to make custom patterns or brushes? or add blending modes?(layer styles?)
how many history items can you have? (photoshop 7 can go up to 100 i think )
well..those are the things that if i didn't have....i wouldn't be able to make my sigs...
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You can adjust the history items in Elements, currantly I have 50 but I don't know how many it can have. My wife has downloaded and has purchased hundreds of customem patterns, layer stylesand brushes. I don't know if you can create them in Elementshowever.
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I have photoshop elements 2 and "cs", I have and do use both of them; however I find if I don't use the cs consistently I constantly have to use my books that I purchased.

It is a good program granted as the paintbrush is more sophisticated amongst other features that members have mentioned. However, I am a hobbyist who uses the program for touch ups and restorations to older 35mm pictures and quite honestly my Elements serves my needs without having to drag out the books since I am not specifically into graphics. I do other things on the computer and use the elements more as a hobby tool, so I think that it depends on what you are using the program for and how often. I even took a course in "cs" along with my neighbour who is doing much like me. Neither of us have digital cameras nor do we intend to purchase one as we both have new 35mm advanced cameras and we don't want to be bothered with a lot of photos stored in our computers and we don't e-mail photos to family and friends. We both use our quality scanners and have select pictures that we took earlier as amateur 35 mm hobbyists and use Elements when we want to make some minor changes or even more dramatic special effects.

Just thought that I would submit what my experiences are. I am not knocking the "cs' version , it is very good and I believe if I worked with it on a very regular basis having taken the class in it I woudn't be so frustrated and have to drag out the book for reference lest I make an error and have to start over again.

Good luck!
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