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Default from jpeg to tiff ?????

Hey everyone! Quick question; Does the following make any sense? I shoot in highest JPEG Fine and then save the file as TIFF is photoshop to preserve quality, once that is done, I will make modifications, adjustments, etc... and resave as TIFF. Is this a good way of proceding or am I missing something? Thanks!
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It makes sense since you are creating a best quality original and then saving in a lossless format so subsequent edits won't gather lossy compression artifacts.

I tend to save mine in the best format of the camera and then native format of the editing program (PSD for photoshop or UFO in photoimpact) and as you increase your knowledge you probably will also. The native formats keep the layer information and you actually keep the original data uncorrupted (the layers modify the information) as opposed to actually working on the base. It takes a lot of space but hard disks and DVD burners are now cheap enough to make it practical.
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And I completely agree with CastleDude.

Tiff is a good standard format with support from many applications.

I use the PhotoShop format because then it will store layers and such that I've made. But the principal is the same. Save it in a lossless format as the first thing you do. Don't save over the original, protect it (in fact, I write protect my originals and back them up to a separate hard disk.)

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Agree with the above - it is really a matter of taste between TIFF and your editor's native format. TIFF is more of a standard so more programs can read it, but the editor's format typically saves more information.

Just in case it getts missed in the shuffle, I'd add one more thing: Save your original JPEGs exactly as they come from the camera with no editing or format change whatsoever. Those are your digital negatives - don't mess with them. They are also smaller than TIFFs or PSDs
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