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Default Printing two images in one page in Photoshop..

Photoshop 7.0
How can I print two or more images in one page? In Paint Shot Pro it's "Print Multiple Images".. Can't find similar in photoshop..

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There are 2 ways this can be done (that I know of).

1: If you want multiple copies of the same image on the page

File/Automate/Picture Package

This is slow, too slow for me. I only tried it once and it put the same image in all positions.

2: Do It Yourself method:


This will open a window allowing you to enter the dimensions of the page you want to create.

It also asks you for the resolution. I enter the native resolution of my printer.

Click okay and you will get a blank 'page'

Now open the image you want to position on the page.
Resize the image to the size you want based on the resolution (pixels/inch).

ie: 8x10 page @ 300 dpi = 2400x3000

if you want four 4x5 prints per page then each image you add needs to be
4x5 @ 300 dpi = 1200x1500

Once you have resized (and made any other corrections) select the image using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (upper left in the toolbox), then Edit/Copy.

This will place the selected image area into the clipboard.

Now click on your 8x10 page.
Now Edit/Paste.

Voila: your image, properly sized (hopefully) is on your page.

Look on the toolbar for the hand and click on it. Now you can grab and move your image around on the page.

Repeat for the next 3 images and you will end up with four images per page.

There may be better ways to do this (maybe someone out there knows how), but this is how I have been doing it. At least it works.

You might also check out Qimage Pro. Good program that specializes in printing and takes all the hassel out of the resizing etc.

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Have you tried the free printing download from Kodak? I find it the easiest way to get multiple images on the same page, whether the same image or different images.

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Open a new document, size. Open pics, size and drag and drop to new document, position, flatten layers, save as.
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