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Hello all,

I just got a new printer that I'm experimenting with this weekend trying to get the best results and ran across a problem in PS Elements that I don't understand so I hope someone here much smarter than I can explain what is going on.

I've been printing using the XP print wizard and have been surprised how similar the print exposure is to my uncalibrated monitor. I decided I wanted to open a picture in PE to crop it and while in the program I decided to print it. The print came out with the exposure much lighter than my monitor version (almost to over exposurer lighter). So, I saved the cropped picture and then printed it with the XP print wizard. To my surprise, the print's exposure looked 100% better in that it was close to my monitor.

Why then would PS seem to print them over exposed and the XP wizard not? Also while saving them, should I save them with an ICC profile (checked by default) or not? I tried saving both ways and using the XP print wizard for both to see the difference; the results are almost identical if not.

Thanks for you help

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edit > colour settings. that's in photoshop cs but should be similar for elements. You might be able to configure your monitor with ps e that way.
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Thanks for the reply. When I pull up Edit > Color settings, I have 3 options:

1. No color management
2. limited color management : optimzed for web
3. Full color management: optimized for print

It looks like 3 would be my option then, but do I need to do something else. I've visually calibrated my monitor a couple times, but I hope to get one of those spyders for my monitor in a couple months.

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