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Help! I'm using a Nikon D100 (currently set to Adobe RGB), an Apple Powerbook running Photoshop CS, and printing to an Epson Photo Stylus 2200.

I've read various sites and at this point just need some practical advice...

I'm not sure which profile/colorspace to change...I;ve tried several conversions from the Nikon AdobeRGB to the SP 2200 colorspace and each one loses saturation (via monitor). I've not tried printing yet, although thatis my next experiment.

Could anyone suggest a path of profiles/colorspace/ICC settings which will give reliable results for these devices?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I am a compleat novice at this stuff!

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I shoot Adobe RGB in RAW, then when I convert the RAW I choose ProPhoto RGB for my workspace during every phase in Photoshop. This color space is sufficiently wide enought that you will not clip colors. Only when I prepare a picture for web preview do I convert it to sRGB. For printing, I allow CS to control color management and turn off any color management for the printer. Ido not changemy working color space (ProPhoto RGB) to print. I have profiles for each type of paper that I print and calibrate my monitor every 2 weeks.
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