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Hi... What I need to do is crop my photos but keep the same height - width ratio. When I do it using the crop tool and click the 'Front Image' button, it is keeping the picture the same size, meaning I am loosing resolution - correct?

Also, while I'm writing... Is there any reason that when I download my photos from the camera, they are only 72dpi? I'm wondering because there are a few competitions out there that ask for 300dpi photos. If I change the dpi to 300, what is it exactly doing to my photo? Would I lose quality there too?

Thanks heaps

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To take your second question first, the dpi saved with the file is there to set the size for printing, and has nothing to do with the resolution of the image. If you use Image>Resize Image, un-tick the 'Resample Image' box and change the pixels/inch to 300 it will have no effect on the file.
You are right about the 'Front Image' in the Crop dialog, but as a rule you dont have to worry about loosing resolution when you crop, as Photoshop does a great job of preserving it , as long as you dont try to enlarge the image by an enormous amount.

The way I work is to do all my adjusting and editing (using Adjustment Layers) on the Camera file, then use 'Save As' to save it as a .psd file in a folder called 'Corrected' without any cropping. This is then my reference file. I do any further cropping etc from this reference - if I want a 7X5" at 300 dpi I crop, flatten, and 'Save As' a .tif in a separate folder. If I then need a 10X8" at 300, or a 500X400 pixel at 72dpi for the Web, I go back to the reference, crop and Save As again - the reference is always there, untouched.
If you have Photoshop CS and want to make large reductions or enlargements, its best to use 'Image>Resize' before the final crop - tick the 'Resample Image' box and use 'Bicubic Smoother' for enlarging, or 'Bicubic Sharper' for reducing to web size.


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