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I have been trying to use layers to add colour objects to a B&W picture i have. I have looked through jasc forums and their tutorials but cant see any info that helps me.

This is what im doing and failing miserably

Open up the two pictures

Main one B&W

Colour for the items i want.

I create a raster layer for the B&W

I use the freehand tool to select the items i want out of the colour picuture. i then create a new image.

From the B&W picture i again use free hand tool to select the area i would like to place the the colour items.

I copy the image selection from the colour picture and use paste into selection. The item enters the B&W picture but it is immediately transformed to B&W.

I cant seem to lock the colour on the item i wish to move.

Can anyone help this newbie ?

I have done it once corectly but i cant reproduce the actions to do it again.

Ps I also have Photoshop7 and elements 2 if anyone is more familiar with those, i thought PSP looked good for starters , a little easier to use, possibly ?

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You have to use Image>Mode in PS to convert the black and white image to RGB Color before you can move a color layer onto it and retain the color.
In PS and elements select the area of the color image that you want, select the Move tool (or hold down Control) and simply drag the selection onto the B/W photo. You can move the layer into position again using the Move tool. I usually select more than I want, then use the Erase tool to trim any unwanted image.

HTH - converting the Grayscale image to RGB color is the key.

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Brian thats great, thanks for answering. I will now have another play and see how i go. Many thanks.
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