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Yes... it's better if you come here, and buy the cracked program for about $4...

Ok, sorry.
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José A. wrote:
How about Photoshop Elements? I've heard it's pretty cheap and almost as complete as the full Photoshop version. Is it? What does it lack? Can anyone enlighten me?

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Dont know much about CS except it is hard to use but has a lot of features for professional graphics artist to use.

I bought the latest Photo Shope Elements 3 yesterday. Have not fully explored the features, but one thing that works very well is the 'smart fix' feature. It definitly works for most photos without making it look grainy or unnatural. My previous experiences of these so called auto fix features usually made the photos look worse than before the fix. PSE 3 also has a photo organizer which allows you to view/organize your photos, create slide shows, albums, editetc. I dont think the CS has these consumer type features.

My only complian is that it is not easy to quickly view the photo at full screen to see your photo while editing. The fit to screen only maximizes the photo in its small works space window.


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One legit way to get full versions of software cheaper is to buy educational versions. Most companies offer very discounted (sometimes less than half price) full versions for a verified student or teacher.
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Another "cheaper" way to get PS CS - buy a Canon Digital Rebel, with 2 lenses; rebel price comes down to under $500 with canon's current discount (this comes with PS Elements 2). Then upgrade from elements using their special upgrade deal for $300. see

So you get a Rebel for $200 and paid full price for PS, or alternately got PS for free when you buy the rebel, depending on how you massage the numbers

Of course you've bought a couple of nice lenses too (probably spending more than the cost of CS again), so its not too cheap after all. I'm sure if you stare at the math long enough you can confuse a spouse well enough to make it sound good anyway
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