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I just bought a Canon EOS 20D and was shooting in B&W mode, shooting in RAW. When I opend them in Photoshop CS (Mac Version) they first showed up as B&W, but then once all the photos finished rendering in the browser, they all showed up in Color? Why did this happen and how can I stop it?

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I can only think that because you were shooting in Raw, therefore getting a completely unprocessed image, that the camera ignored any settings such as colour mode, i.e, black & white........ Possibly ?

Just tried with my Dimage A2. Raw, B&W, opened in C.S.............Colour image !

To keep a B&W image i think you will have to shoot in the Raw+Jpeg mode, then you will have a B&W as well as a colour file. Again, it does that with my A2 don't see why it won't with your 20D

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Thanks... Weird though... I read the manual and it said if you capture a B&W shot in JPEG, that you could not convert it back to color. It does not mention that a RAW image would go back to color on your computer. Makes no sense really, then you cannot use any of the new filters.

I thought digital cameras technicaly shot in B&W anyway and the processor converted them to color...

Anyway thanks for your help.

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