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I just purchased a digital camera for home use. It's a Canon SD 300. I'm looking to get a software program I can use to edit photos as well as create photo albums and slide shows to burn onto CDs (give to family, etc). It needs to be really user friendly as I don't want to spend a lot of time messing around with it (or I won't end up using it). There are so many to choose from, please help!!!:?
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1. Suggest you start with what you have for free, the Software CD ROM (Canon Digital Camera Solutions & ArcSoft Camera Suite)that came with your camera. If Zoombrowser 4.6 came with your camera, there is a free upgrade to 5.0 online at the Canon website. The SD300 may be a new enough model to have come with vers. 5.0

You may want to download a copy of the software manual so you can search it on your computer.

2. Another simple way to start is to have some prints made and get on a Kodak CD (I got mine at WalMart while on vacation.) It comes with a program called Easy Share. One thing that has proved useful about it for a friend who is a new digicam user (and iMac owner) is that if you email your photos from within the EasyShare program it will automatically downsize them for you so you don't lose your friends who still have slow internet connections.

3. If you already have a scanner, try using the phot1.oediting program that came with your scanner.

4. You probably also have a simple photoedit program that came with your computer, depending on what operating system you use.

5. I can't help you about the Microsoft or Photoshop or similar products, but if you are new to digital photography you may want to get some experience under your belt so you'll have a better idea of what you want.

Burning onto CDs for family is fine, but you may also want to consider opening at online album so you can send them a link when you add photos. My first albums were at yahoo, but they have shrunk the size of their thumbnails and photos. The do offer a slideshow, but that only works if you have a high speed internet connection. pbase.com is a site where you have a 30 day free trial and then pay an annual fee. I opened an album at Epson when I bought an Epson scanner. You can think about doing that after you have practiced editing: crop, brightness/contrast, saturation, etc.

Karen in NC
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thanks a lot for all the great advice! I will experiment with the camera's software over X-mas and see how it goes. Many of our family have no internet, and esp. not high speed, so having the disc allows them to view on computer or TV with DVD.

Thanks Again!
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If it did not come with photoshop Elements, that is a good fairly inexpensive package that works well. And it has a lot of the features found in the full, but very expensive photoshop CS package.

I think a copyof Elements came with just about everything I bought, Epson printer, Epson scanner,Canon EOS and Nikon P&Scameras.
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As suggested numerous places/times before by me/others, get the free IrFanView at www.irfanview.com .... i think it has a lot of features that are very useful...also, look at Picasa (part of Google)...
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I'm quite fond of Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop Photo Album, both from Jasc (recently bought by Corel). I like to think of Paint Shop Pro as sort of a poor man's Photoshop, it has many really powerfull editing features for about $100 vs $600+ for Photoshop. Photo Album has good basic enhancement capabilities including batch processing (as does PSP) and a number of printing options and CD burning. You can download trial versions of these from thier web site http://www.jasc.com.
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Microsoft picture it premium 10 - it' awesome. the only other software I have seen that is reall easy to use is the kodak easyshare or ULEAD Photoexplorer, are all awesome.
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There are plenty of free really good programs.

One is FastStone Image Viewer. It's excellent and unique. Download and I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

Other ones from Ulead: PhotoImpact and Photo Explorer. Check their website , maybe they have free ones for the older versions.

The best of course is Photoshop Elements 3 , which is inexpensive ~$80.

Plus download from adobe their Album Starter Edition.

PhotoFiltre is free, and very good.

ArcSoft which usually comes with Powershot cameras is basic but good.
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You didn't say whether you use a Mac or PC. I don't know much about Macs but if you have a PC, there are 2 very good and very cheap (as in free) programs - Picasa and FxFoto. Picasa just came out with a new verison which now does some editing but really on very basic level. FxFoto has a free edition which isn't as graphically slick as Picasa but it does a lot more. Has many of the features of Elements but I think it's easier to use. Anyway....hope it helps!
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