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When I make the sky transparent and there are trees in the sky line almost all the leaves that were in the sky line have blue or a light blue halo around them. How do I get rid of this?

I sometimes find it around other objects when they are against the sky when I make the background transparent.

This is with ANY photo (including ones off the internet that I practice on) and not camera specific.

Thank You,

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hey bill!

that blue is called Chromatic Abberation (purple fringing..)...

i'm not positive wat causes it, but it happens at high contrast edges (bright white sky against darker green leaves)

i believe there are ways to fix it...check www.luminous-landscape.comfor a tutorial

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I've only just seen your post, and I dont think what you are seeing is Chromatic Abberation, butcould be causedby feathering when you selected the sky. Make sure you have feathering set to zero. Sometimes you have to feather, or use fuzziness in Color Range to select the sky. What I do then is, with the sky selection active, use Select>Modify>Expand set to 1 or 2 pixels (sometimes more) which will take the selection right up to the trees and get rid of the blue fringes.

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