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Default ACDSee 3.1

I recently upgraded from an Olympus C2040 to a C4040 and have always used ACDSee 3.1 for viewing my images. As soon as I bought the C4040 I noticed a degradation in my pictures..slightly fuzzy, or out of focus or hazy. I posted a couple of notices on this forum in other areas and some people had some suggestions. Tonight I used Camedia 2.5 (a program I do not especially care for) and the same photos that seemed out of focus in ACDSee were crisp and sharp. I have tryed changing some of the settings in ACDSee but to no avail. If I right click the full screen image and zoom in a couple of times and then go back to "best fit" the image is sharp. Any suggestions!!!!!! I would like to continue to use ACDSee, but not if the images are going to be fuzzy. I almost returned this camera because I thought it was defective. Maybe ACDSee cannot handle images this large (2272X1074) Thank you.
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I use ACDSee too and never notice that. I am not sure to point out your problem, but try this: In option, Display, check the "use high quality subsampling for viewer/thumbnail". Depending on your viewer first display default parameters ( full size, fit to screen etc...) the sampling may be not optimized.

About the size, I use regulary 2560 x 1920 (5MPix) without issue, even bigger when I make some panorama.
(I actually use version 4)
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I use ACDSee V3.1 and have used it for what seems like forever now. I never have noticed the problem you refer to. Actually cannot even imagine why it would behave so.

Only thing that comes to mind, is the rescaling to screen size for images. I have mine set to resize images larger than the screen to screen size, but not to resize smaller images.

Beyond that, I really have no idea.

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I used to use ACDsee (think it was 3.1), before I found out it stripped Exif data on re-saves. Version 4 doesn't. It's probably worth a quick check.
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