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Hi everyone, first post, but have been soaking up alot of info on the site that I have been putting to practice on my new drebel.

Have been having a difficult timegetting good results in my color to B&W conversion with Elements3:?. Any suggestions,advise, tips concerningmethod that works well for most conversions would be appreciated.

Thanks for the advice (as well as all the other info from allother posts, I have found it most helpful as I learn a new hobby)!

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Hi Tate

I don't know that you can do this in Elements, and for that matter, perhaps there are better methods of conversion.

Saying that, in Photoshop, I go to the channels menu and select the best channel - meaning that out of the Red, Green or Blue channel, that make up a color image, one of them is better than the others. I select THAT channel as my B&W image.

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thanks Dave, can you provide a little more info on the "better methods of conversion" thatare available. Based upon your post, it seems like Photoshop Elements may not be my best choice.

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Everyone seems to have his or her own favorite way of desaturating images... I've never used elements, but in photoshop there are about 30 different ways to do it. My current favorite:

Convert image to LAB color. Remove A&B Channels. Convert back to RGB.

Another choice is to use adjustment layers. Apply a hue/saturation adjustment layer and set the saturation to -100. Then add a "selective color" adjustment layer to modify the colors in the original image (affecting the strength and quality of the B&W)

If elements can utilize Photoshop Actions (macros)... then there's a great desaturation took that creates 11 monochrome versions of an image...
it's at http://www.atncentral.com/download#D...lack_and_White

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Elements doesn't have a channel mixer in version 2, so here's the sneaky way to do it (should work in 3):

Open your photo. In the layers palette choose LEVELS from the Adjustment Layer pop-up. When the levels dialog appears, just click OK with no changes. You'll now have a layer named Levels.

Now chooes HUE/SATURATION from the Adj. Layer pop-up, and in the dialog drag the Sat. slider all the way to the left and click OK.

Double click directly on the LEVELS thumbnail in the Layers palette to get the levels dialog again. In the channel box at the top, choose RED and slide the shadow and/or highlight pointers in the input levels box to change that channel. Then do the same in the GREEN and BLUE channels and watch your image change in real time in the now grayscale image. Click OK when satisfied.

Now, click the MORE button in the Layers palette and choose FLATTEN IMAGE. At this point it is still tecnically in RGB Color, so go to MODE under the Image Menu and choose GRAYSCALE to save it as a grayscale file.

Good Luck!

Edit: I learned this trick reading Scott Kelby's "The Photoshop Elements Book for Digital Photographers." I believe his new one for Elements 3 is out now. Well worth the 20 or so dollars.
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Amuch simpler approach is to get the free Virtual Photographer Plug-in and then you can choose from a whole list one click conversions.

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