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I'm new at photoshop cs, yesterday I scanned 30 pictures and can't find them in photoshop, I renamed them but not sure on the format.

I use a mac and am frustrated my the lack of interface or communications from these two progamns, I like iphoto for displaying but want to do my work in photoshop.
I had elements before on my pc, and was just starting to learn, but recieved cs for xmas for my mac ( which i am a new user) cs is a very big program as compared to elements.

Any suggestions on a good place to start, I find adobe's site frustrating
so last year I bought "50 ways to create cool pictures photoshop 2" and
the "hidden power of photoshop elements 2" I really don't want to buy new books since I am still learning from these books.

Is there a good site for cs for dummies using mac os x ?

thanks all
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well, I found a good site teaching me alot about photoshop cs on line that is free, here is the site. :http://www.photoshopuser.com/photoshopcs.html

alot of good videos introducing me to photoshop cs, some are 17 min. long
also a mac friendly place. They are free.

thanks all,
if you find a good one tell me
or help me find those pictures I scanned.
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I would be so happy to help you.I am a Lab supervisor for a local Cord Camera and love and live Photoshop. ( my artwork http://docx.deviantart.com/
) I live in Delaware Ohio. Im wondering if you live anywhere near there? A phone call is much better than typing instructions back and forth. Let me know what you think. Id be happy to try and answer as many questions as I can for you. If you have a nationwide long distance plan on your cell phone that would work great. Write me at [email protected] and let me know what you think. :-)

Best wishes, Mark
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