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Say you take pictures at location "A", then go to location "B", take more, then you return to "A" and take a few more shots. Now you have the following: 1A 2A 3A 4B 5B 6B 7A 8A 9A, the order you took the pictures and the location they were shot. You download them to your PC and a file folder is created with the pictures, with assigned file names in the order they were shot.

Now, I want to create a new file folder, and drag and drop the pictures I want, in the order I want, so I can burn them to a CD, ( 1A 2A 7A 3A 8A 9A 6B 5B 4B ) much the same way you would sort pictures in a photo album.

The problem is, the computer will always arrange the photos by some criteria. Other than changing each pictures file name to get them into the order I want, is there any program out there that will simply allow you to just drag and drop each photo into a new folder that will disregard the file names?

Thanks for any reply. Wayne.
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If you are using Adobe Bridge you can batch rename the files - otherwise you will need to rename in the order you want. I use the following method:

001 - original assigned file name (or descriptive if you wish)
002 - original assigned file name (or descriptive if you wish)
999 - original assigned file name (or descriptive if you wish)

I've checked both my burning programmes (Nero & Record Now Max) and neither will allow "random" sorting (when creating a data disk) - only the usual criteria: name; size; date; etc. Interestingly, both programmes will allow "random" sorting when creating a music disk - so it could be possible if the authors just applied themselves.
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