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I have a connection to a very small restoration glass company and they are interested in producing a brochure. Since I love projects/challenges, I am attempting to figure out what software would work best for this. The brochures would be both text and photos. Any and all opinions appreciated.

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Since no one else has said anything, I'll put in my comment: First, talk to the printer. Find out what they want. Find out how critical the colors are - skin tones tend to be the most critical, e.g., even a slight greenish cast. Find out what proof runs will cost (you will want to check color and bleed).
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For Software on Microsoft Windows, I have used MS Publisher to make brochures.

Last one I did was a 2 sided color glossy trifold, 10,000 copies. The printer took our layout, and a hardcopy of each image to be included. They did the final setup, ran off some proofs, did the final run, and they did the folding and packaging for shipment as well.

Every printer will be different and have their own requirements so it is best to go talk to them first. The smaller the run the more it will cost you per page.


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Corel Draw 12, or 11. Seriously good software for desktop publishing. Normally can be found cheap in a bargain bucket somewhere. The Corel Draw "suite" comes with some amazing tools. Very professional but easy to use.

Search for it on Ebay....so cheap, I remember when this program cost hundreds of pounds.....

Good luck.

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