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I'm shopping for photo editing and organizing software and could use some advice from more experienced users. Have Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9 now; have a hard time finding where to go to do what I want to do. Whoever organized the menus had a mind that does not think the same as mine. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! Linden
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For editing I use Adobe Photoshop CS.
For organizing I am moving to Extensis portfilio from NSCS pro 3.0which was more slide oriented.

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Great queation -

Before shopping, take a look as some free ones. A really good one is Picasa. Google is behind this program. It is great and free. They just came out with a new version. http://google.picasa.com/

Also look at IrfanView. Another good free program. http://www.irfanview.com/

As for pay programs, some standards are Adobe's PhotoShop Elements, or if you want all the bells and whistles, look at PhotoShop CS (very spendy). Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop Photo Album by Jasc are also good ones.

Hope this helps.

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As for free programs, also check Photofiltre


And if you want to remove noise,

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Thanks for the replies. I'll check those programs out. I live on a farm and like to take pictures of animals and bugs (insects, for you purists out there). Since my subjects are often uncooperative, I end up with lots of shots with the subjects looking great but with other elements in the pictures that I might want to get rid of. Careful composition is often not an option. What works well to remove unwanted clutter in photos without looking unnatural? Any of you do the same kinds of thing? Thanks again for the replies! ........Linden
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For organizing, I use Adobe Photoshop Album (ver 2). I like its "tagging" capability - you can create any tag you want (name, location, event, etc. - or anything else that helps you organize) and easily apply it to pictures or groups of pictures.
I also like the way you can rapidly change the thumbnail display to show more (smaller) pictures, or fewer larger pictures.
I do have a question about it though:
does anyone know if Adopbe Photoshop Album (ver 2) does rotation correction without decompressing a JPG and then re-compressing it?
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I wish IMatch had been available when I started organizing my photos. I use Thumbs Plus and it isn't as good, but it is hard to change over. IMatch is the Photoshop of organization programs. One thing it does that few others do is to save thumbnails of images you move to CD. So the search is the same and it just refers you to the correct CD if the image has been removed from the computer. I think the Extensis program does that as well.

For freeware you might want to look at this one: http://pmeindre.free.fr/MyAlbum.html

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I wanted to give another plug to IMatch. It is very powerful and fairly easy to use. You can download the demo for free (30-day trial) and there are some good online resoureces on the web for it.

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