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Which is the best? The plot thickens as new player has arrived.

You can download (free for now Windows XP version only) at:


There is a quick review of the product at:


While the download comes with a 72 page manual, I found that the software is so clear and intuitive that within a half hour I think that I mastered the essentials. I want to spend a lot more time comparing the results with Capture One LE and Photoshop but some of the built in features of this pure RAW converter is something else. I was able to make some deliberately poor shots look as if they were OK to start with.

Anyone else tried it? Any thoughts?

John B.

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I took a look at the review & saw several functions that it doesn't do that the Adobe 2.4 Plug-in does. Take a look at the Russell Brown RAW tutorial in the first post of this forum. Frankly, I don't know why anyone would use an external converter (and yes, I have Breeze Browser & Capture One too).
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I took a quick look at this yesterday and I must say I am excited. It has several features I have forced into my work flow (some what unsuccessfully) like an initial scan of images to delete. THere is alot here built in to streamline the process. Like you I was, in a matter of a minute, make a photo I couldn't make work in PS look fine.

I do not profess to be a PS expert, nor am I sure I want to. I want to take photos not spend hour upon hourprocessing them. Sort of akin to the photographer who used to spend hours in the dark room, rather than having a lab do the processing. Sure you can get the best results attending to all the details yourself, but at what time cost? For the majority of my amature work, this tool does an impressive job.

I see this new program as a beginning of a new approach to digital processing. Much like the computer world which went from the command line interface to the GUI interface. There are always the hard liners who preach the old way, but a new paradigm can really increase productivity.

There are definitely features which need to be addressed, but I certainly think the programming team is thinking along the right path, at least for my wants and needs.

Give it a try.
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