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I'm looking for gimp users who use it to edit their photos.

I run Linux, and so it is really my only option. Over time, I'm gradually beginning to learn how to use it, and it can do some amazing work on photos.

It's even got a few features you won't find in things like Photoshop.

I have some questions for my fellow gimp users:

* any favorite gimp sites that cover photo editing,
and plugins and scripts specifically for that?
* any favorite add-ons?
* has anyone tried Cinepaint, Hollywood's version
of The Gimp with extended capabilities?

Right now I use Photoshop references a lot, since you can usually do the same procedure in Gimp.

However, I've found four decent Gimp sites, though one of them is a bit outdated.


I still like some of the Windows photo management and editing software better, but I really hate running Windows. The user interface sucks, it can't handle a load well, and I always worry about it crashing (yes, even 2k and XP).

I only have one machine, so I end up having to reboot back and forth between operating systems.

Of course, one of these days I hope to get an Apple. That way I get a decent UI, good software, and UNIX all in one package...

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I see that you have not received any replies yet to your post.

I've recently taken an interest in Linux... Basically, I purchased a used laptop for my wife and wanted an inexpensive software solution for her limited needs (which Open Office appears to fill just fine).

So, after a bit of research, and a lot of trial and error testing a variety of Linux Distros, I ended up with SimplyMEPIS 3.3 ( http://www.mepis.org ) -- a free (and very polished) Linux distribution based on Debian.

This distro includes GIMP 2.2.3. So, I decided to take a look at it for the first time. To my pleasant surprise, it was quite responsive (even on an old and slow laptop with only 128mb of RAM).

So, this thread is of interest to me... You never know - I may end up switching my new Desktop to Linux, too. ;-)

I have started searching around for Linux solutions, and really haven't found but a handful. One was an older version of Compupic (which was apparently very buggy). Unfortunately, Photodex seems to have abandoned Linux for now.

I also noticed a relatively simple editor (that does tasks like correcting redeye, etc.) when browsing through the information on Linspire (formerly Lindows). It's called LPhoto:


Apparently, they struck some kind of deal with Linspire so that it's marketed through them. But, the comments say that it is open source, and I did find a German forum page with links to the source:


I also found a web site dedicated primarily to using a Canon EOS-10D with Linux, with pages including a variety of software tools. See the menus in the top left hand corner of this page:


Of course, Wine appears to be a solution that allows you to run some Windows products, too.

If I decide to learn more about The Gimp, I'll make sure to visit the sites you posted links to. Hopefully, others will see this thread and add some more.
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Your post made me wonder what the state of photo printing is at under Linux. I last looked into printers under linux when I was looking for a new printer and was wondering what would work on my FC2 box. Well I finally decided to get one that was only windows compatible and forgot all about printing on linux. Recently I jumped through lots of hoops to try to understand ICC profiles and to properly use them under windows. Not much fun but it all works now

Have you tried photo printing on Linux yet? Does The Gimp support ICC profiles?

Also are there any monitor profiling products that work with Linux?

Also the gimp user group can be found at http://gug.sunsite.dk/ I don't know if its useful tho.

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