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So what makes Photoshop worth the price? I have Paint Shop Pro9 and PhotoImpact 8.5. Would Photoshop be way better than what I have. I'm new to all this but want to learn alot.
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If you already own those, it probaly isn't worth it. At least, I would learn as much as you can from those and see if you start to want to do things that those can't do.

The big things that PS has (to me) are:
A huge install base. When I go on a web site and ask a question the answer is almost always given in PS. That base of help in people and books is great.

Very flexable use of layers & masks. Not perfect, but very good.

A huge pool of plugins.

The types of things I do are fairly easy to do. Curves, sharpening via USM, shadow/hilight, and more.

Probably more, but I'm drawing a blank.

Downsides include:
Not everything is 16-bit clean. Some only work on 8-bit pictures.

Slow at times. At least on my 2000+ Athlon XP I find some things are fast enough others are not.

Not patched enough. I know for a fact that there are bugs in PS, but look at the downloads section... I don't see a single patch being offered. If I pay $600 (I didn't, actually) for "professional" grade software I expect better support than what I'm getting. They have a known memory problem that makes having over 2G of ram a bad thing. How did this one slip by QA? And they are refusing to fix it!

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Thanks Eric - Yeah, I couldn't believe the number of books at the book store about Photoshop, and the number of tutorials available on line. I guess this is why I wonder if Photoshop is the best.
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well, i can definetely say photoshop is absolutely amazing...

i've been using it for two years now, and i've still got a lot to learn (i learn fast too :-p)

it's a very deep involved program...but it's also got it's main functions that are very easy to learn...

lol, dunno if it would be worth the 600 bucks for you though..

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what makes PS what it is today is its support for standards that run from the original imaging process to the final printing process.

it ultimately supports the standards that adobe itself created over 10+ years ago in the imaging and document output industries and continuous to do so today. adobe is the driving force in printed and paperless document creation.

they weild a great deal of influence with such 3 letter extensions as .pdf, .psd, .fon, and maybe soon .dng.

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