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I went from slr, (film), to P&S to dslr, (20D about 2 weeks ago). I've been learining the camera, so have left the setting on jpg only. However, I couldn't get really sharp photos with Photoshop Elements 2.0, so I tried raw. All I can say is WOW! The difference is amazing, and I'm only using the Canon DPP program. It's easy to use and I get better results than with PE 2.0. The 1 thing that would be nice, would be to be able to sharpen without opening PE.
That makes me wonder if there is something even better than DPP out there?
Any suggestions?
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Good luck with your 20D. I'm not sure why your jpegs weren't sharp - I work for a professional photographers and we shoot most of our stuff JPG with no problems. I use unsharp mask - Amount 250, Radius 0.3, Threshold 0 - with a small extra amount at the end of processing if necessary.
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its true that straight out of thecamera, the 20d's jpgs are a bit soft.. but don't worry that is on purpose.. canon assumes that if you spend the money on a 20d, you will have some knowledge of post-processing.. so they keep the in-camera sharpening to a minimum.. it is much easier to sharpen a slightly underprocessed image than it is to take the artifacts out of an overprocessed image..

another option vs manual unsharp mask is a photoshop plugin such as ultrasharpen pro..i love this program as it seems to do a great job of sharpening the elements you want without adding or enhancing any noise..


there are others similar, but i am not familiar with them at all..
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