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I have a Canon 20D and I'm starting to shoot in RAW format.

The camera comes with Digital Photo Professional, but it seems pretty limited in terms of editing functionality.

I'm not sure I want to use Photoshop, as it is a little too sophisticated for me.

Any suggestions regarding software to use?

-- Terry
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I have been using Raw Shooter Essentials from Pixmantec for my raw conversions. This is a fairly new program, and I have found it to beexcellent, much better than Minolta's Divu, and others like it very much for Canon cameras as well. It's free for the download. They do ask for your name and email address though. So far, have not had any spam related to this, so they seem to be on the up and up.

As to editing software, it all depends on how much you want to do, and how far you want to go with it. If adjustments to color, contrast saturation and brightness, along with the ability to crop, are your only needs/wants. there are a number of programs available for free or low cost. Picasa 2 from Google, is free and well regarded. I use Ulead software, which includes Photoexplorer. This has built-in editing and printing features, as well a being an easy to use picture browser. Photoimpact is a full featured editor that is, IMO nearly the equal of Photoshop, but has a couple small quirks, and is only able to perform basic tasks on 16 bit files. One nicefeature is the ability to switch the workspace to a simplified format, which cleans up the user interface a lot.

Paint Shop Pro is another editor worth a look. I had a trial version installed on my computer when i got it, and found PSP to have some nice features. If I had not had the Ulead software, I might have upgraded the PSP.

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Thanks for the info, Brian!
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I too am trying to decide - also trying to decide between RAW and JPEG. So far, I really like Paint Pro - it has a 60 day free trial; so, it is worth the evaluation. From what I have seen, it will do everything that I know how to do in PS, and it seems a little more intuitive to me. It also has a noise reduction feature built in - and the cost is reasonable (less than $100). Here is a link to the free download.


Good luck - I only have 8 free days remaining; so, I guess that I must decide soon.

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