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Default Try Fire Fox

Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
Hi All,

I have never used a forum before, but I have been sitting at this damn computer for hours on end (hence 'sleepless') and I have not got a clue as to which program will help me read .thm files on my computer.

A friend of mine was playing around with my Canon S70. He managed to not just delete all 400 photos I had on there, but actually FORMAT the CF card. What a dipstick! I was not impressed.

The good news, when I bought my Lexar 2GB CF card, I received retrieval software for free. It can recover lost, deleted, images from cards that have even been formatted. Good news right? So far.

I successfully managed to retrieve 400 photos with the help of this great software. The only thing is, it was retrieved and saved into My Pictures in a format I have never heard of - extension .thm

I have not been able to find ANYTHING in freeware that can read this.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance,

VERY VERY sleepless

I had the same problem when someone emailed me a file with .thm extension, so i opened with my firefox browser and i was able to see the picture, however being just a thumbnail, it was very pixelated.
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When you save each photo there are two files saved -- the jpeg (full size) and the thm (thumbnail). You might be able to see the file if you change thm to jpg. You will probably only be able to see a thumbnail size image. If you were able to extract all the thumbnails then you should also be able to get the jpegs. As for your 'friend' how could he be so stupid? Or how could you let your camera gets into the hands of one so derranged?

Sorry, I didnt notice this thread opened at page 2. All my info is redundant. Good luck.

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Default How can I convert my THM videos into MVI format?

Dear Mr. or Mrs.
I need of immediate assistance please. This is in regards to some THM files that I am trying to convert or view into MVI format if possible. Allow me to express what has happened from the beginning. My sister and I own a Canon (PowerShot SD1200 IS DIGITAL ELPH) since a year or so. Weíve been very comfortable and happy using this kind of Digital Camera, no problems whatsoever. But I am afraid that due to our lack of Computer skills, we have encountered ourselves a mayor issue. Our memory card got full and we had the necessity of downloading the pictures and including some videos into my Uncle and Auntís Computer. We created a folder and paste all images and videos into it. Then, we formatted the Digital Camera. We noticed that the videos were change into THM format instead of MVI. It appears that my familyís computer default got damaged, donít know the exact reason, I might be wrong, donít mind me. This is definitely the first time it happens. We are desperately seeking for your help. Those videos mean a lot for us. They are irreplaceable memories. All we would like to do as right now is to recover all those videos since we have formatted the camera, how can we do that? Do we have any chance?

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The .thm extension generally indicates that it is a thumbnail image. It will normally have a very small file size (just about 1Kb or so). If your videos have simply had the name changed, and the file size is normal for videos, you may be able to change it back by simply renaming it with the proper extension. Make a copy first, so you don't accidentally destroy the original. It may be that the computer you uploaded them to, did not have the correct codecs or file associations, and it used the .thm extension because it didn't know about the correct one.

As to recovering the files from the memory card- if you haven't taken any pictures of videos since the reformat, you may be able to recover them with a utility program such as PC Inspector. There are several threads about this in the memory cards forum.
I wish you good luck in recovering your files.

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