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When I edit a photo it will be sharp in PSE 2, but when I try to post on the net, (here or somewhere else), it seems to lose sharpness. I've tried "save for web" and "save". Both of those options lose shapness when I reduce file size to acceptable size for whatever web site. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Increasing sharpness increases detail and thus increases file size. So if you want a small file size (us dial-up users will thank you), sharpness will be less.

You didn't say what size (in pixels) you are using. Decreasing the pixel count (smaller image) is one of the best ways to cut file size. If you want to show a larger image, include a link to a larger copy.
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Hi Bill,

This was really helpful for me too. Links aside, and put very crudely, could you say an image hardly worked on could be posted at say 600 x 450 pixels, but the same image, with lots of work, might need to be posted at 400 x 250 pixels in order to meet the forum's requirements size-wise, butnot to have jaggies?

Related to this - still on jaggies - I was fiddling with a pic in PS2 that I had downloaded earlier from the forum (one of mine). Suddenly, while doing stuff in PS all the diagonals suddenly jumped into jaggies - and not only in the selection where I'd been sharpening. This was a web-download file, and therefore very small. I am wondering what caused this.

Sorry to bang on, but it's a real issue with me.

All best wishes,

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