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Hi everybody,
Im working on a website project, where I take a RAW photo, edit it, save it as a TIFF, and resize it into 4 diffrent JPEG pictures, sizes: Large, Medium, Small, and Thumbnail (I dont remember the exact dimensions for them right now). Now, heres the problem, I need to resize about 100photos... the way I do it now is, open the TIFF>Duplicate Image>Resize Image>Save. Now, doing this 4 times for 100 photos, and constanly changing the sizes is annoying and time consuming. Does anyone have an idea/way to open the image, and have PS automatically make 4 duplicates in 4 diffrent sizes? Or at least make the process faster? Thanks in advance!:|
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when u make any thing in ps u can record it see go to action beside history click the record icon resize your images do what u want to do after u finish click stop then open new image and click play all what u did is recorded and ps will apply it to your new image

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The step you have to include in the action is 'Select Previous History State' by opening the History Pallette and clicking on the state before 'Crop'.
The sequence you would have to record is:
Save As Tif
Resize to Large Size
Save As jpg in 'Large' folder
Select Previous History State
Resize to Medium size
Save As jpeg in 'Medium' folder
Finish up with a File>Close.

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