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Hi all,

I have recently started trying to border some of my shots in order to present them on the web.

I start with a black and white portrait. Then fairly simply in photo-shop I have enlarged thecanvas sizeby 500 pixels all round in colour gray. (this is before downsizing for web of course). Already the picture is framed and is looking better. However I would also like to add a thin line all around of about 3 pixels wide at about 150 pixels into the gray area in the colour black for a more professional look. I cant seen to get this to work. I think it is because I am not that familiar with layers. I would also like to draw this thin 3 pixel thick boxslightly inside the outsideedge of some photographs but this is similar and also difficult for me.

Why can I not just drag a hollow black box of 3 pixel thickness at a position I like?

Can anyone tell me an easy way of achieving this.

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The way that I do it is; I take the rectangular marquee tool and select where I want the line to be and than go up to edit and select stroke ( outline ) selection. You can choose the pixel size and color and click ok. You than go up to select and choose deselect.
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One way to do this is to use three separate Canvas Size commands, and if you record them in an action you can do it all with one click of a button.
You need to open the action pallette (Window>Action), and click the little black triangle at the top right corner to access the menu. Click on 'New Action' (if its grayed out, click Button Mode ) Call it 'Frame' and do the following:

Set Foreground color to gray
Set background color to Black
Image>Canvas Size, set the 350 pixels relative and Foreground color
Image>Canvas Size, 3 pixels, Background color
Image>Canvas Size, 147 pixels Foreground color

Menu>Stop Recording.

Click Menu>Buttom mode.

Open another file, click the 'Frame' button and everything will be repeated.
I've written one you can try - click on
and save it to C- Program Files - Adobe - Photoshop - Presets - Photoshop actions.
The use 'Replace actions' from the menu, and try it out.
If you wish you can use File>Automate>Batch to process a folder full of files automatically.
Actions are at the heart of photoshop - it's well worth spending some time working them out.

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Thats great,

Thanks very much for that detailed information. I will try it out. Anyfurther information greatly appreciated.

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