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Default Getting Canon G3 RAW to Photoshop

I am new to this site, and new to digital photography. I have a Canon G3, but can't figure out how to get my RAW files from my storage device (Super DigiBin) into Photoshop so I can try my hand at editing.

I am also fairly new to Photoshop, and recently installed 7.0 When installing it, there was a list of file names that had check marks in three separate columns. One for Photoshop, one for Adobe Image Ready, and one for something else (can't remember) I think I remember seeing RAW as one of the options. Should I have chosen PS for the RAW files?

Which program(s) do I need? BreezeBrowser? Which program do I need to change the white balance and stuff like that for my RAW photos? When and how do I get them into Photoshop?

I know there were a lot of questions in there, but hopefully they will all be answered. Thanks in advance.

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I use BreezeBrowser for converting Canon RAW files. It lets you convert them singley or in groups. I usually convert all of them at the same time using the batch function "as shot". Then I go into the converted files and pick out any that might need tweaking. I re-convert those with updated white balance, saturation or sharpness before dealing with them in Photoshop. During the conversion, the files are copied over into a new directory as .JPGs or .TIFFs (your choice) that Photoshop can deal with. The original CRAWs are not modified in the process. After you're done with the conversion process, you can archive the CRAWs to CDs when you have enough saved up to fill a disk.

BreezeBrowser is an excellent replacement for ZoomBrowser. You'll have to also get Downloader, a free download from BreezeSys. Try it free. The free version is limited to 12 files. The full version costs $35 and is well worth it.
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