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Good morning.

This hasn't happened to me before, but I recently posted a pic -


- where the on line and off line image look very different.

Off line, the pic looks terribly oversharpened.There arewhite flecks and dashes everywhere. It got that way because the on-line image looked so soft I just kept going back and applying higher levels of the unsharp filter.

The only thing I can think of to explain the on line/off line difference is that the image posted is very poor quality - with a quality rating of something like 67, rather than the ideal 100,in order to keep the file size reasonable.

I've never had the experience before of completely mashing up the off line version in order to get the online version better.

Explanations would be very welcome!

Best wishes,

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Hi Caroline;

I think the answer may be in the subject matter. There are so many leaves, with points and edges, that the amount of detail is relatively large. When you resize down, you lose much of the detail, hence the need to sharpen -after- you resize. If I understand correctly, you have been sharpening before sizing to post? Or is the problem that with so much detail, it is difficult to keep the file size within limits?

Also, different programs seem to render the same picture differently. I have noticed that nearly every viewer gives a different look to the same image. This is more noticeable with lower quality settings than with high. When I look at some of my own posts with browser, they look different than what I save or print.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for your ideas about this - they sound completely logical.

One thing though, you suggest that more detail = a bigger file size (which obviously then results in you having to post low quality pix...). I thought all pix from camera were the same size ....

Pause to go and check this out....

I never realised this - have just checked out two pix straight from the camera.

Simple one = 936kb, more complex pic = 1.77mb. I guess the wheat pic would have registered as very complex, plus I did some photoshopping.(The resultwas that I hadto post a very degraded version, & my efforts to improve it really mucked up the version on my commputer.)

No problem. I have the original.

Many thanks again for your opionions - they were really helpful.

All best wishes,


P.S. I sharpended several times, once before uploading - as one would to most images, and then several times after uploading, to try and sort out the softeness of the image!
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