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Hi all! I did a general search in the forum on this topic and did not find much. I've heard different answers, so I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure. Will photoshop elements 3.0 work with windows ME? Do they make two different versions of the program? I hate ME, but my husband doesn't want to buy a new computer right now. The one we have is great, besides the whole "ME" thing, and I've heard that if I purchase the XP software seperately, it will take up too much space on my computer. Any thoughts/ideas?? Thanks in advance!
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The best place to check system requirements for any software is the web site of that software, http://www.adobe.com/products/photos...ystemreqs.html

Unfortunately Elements 3 will not work with ME. You say that you may not have enough Hard drive space for XP, check here to see the requirements, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/h...g/sysreqs.mspx

Remember, you will need to back up your important files, documents and programs, then format the hard drive to install XP. It is a much better system to use than ME, which is basically a tarted up Win 98.

Maybe your husband will agree it's time to upgrade to XP .

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