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I use Photo Explosion Deluxe 2.0 for editing my pictures. Each time I save a picture, even after adding just a line of text, I get a message "Saving to a lossy file format'. What it does is compress the file to almost half the size. The pictures that I have at 1.5MB are saved as 300kb-400kb.

My question is, is there anyway I can prevent it from doing that ?. What am I loosing by letting the software compress the file ?. I have not noticed any difference in the compressed and uncompressed files ?.

Any insights ?. Thanks


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I don't know this software but I would have thought there was the option to choose the amount of compression. According to Nova Development's web site FAQ's, this occurs when saving to jpeg. As it does in any editing software, jpeg is a lossy format. Have a closer look at your options to see if there is any way to control the amount applied.

Check to see if you can save in any other format, TIFF for example or a format native to Photo Explosion like PSD in Photoshop.

You may not notice the difference between the file sizes until it comes to printing. I can take a 6.5mb file and reduce it to around 80kb and it will look fine on my computer or when viewing on the web, but not so good in print. Depending on how large or small I print it of course.

I understand you have a 245 page manual. I know it's not fun, but suggest you read it, then read it again. You may have missed something.

Alternatively contact the publishers, FAQ's, email and telephone support contact details here, http://www.novadevelopment.com/Support/Ask.aspx#ask

Hope this helps.


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I've never even heard of Photo Explosion before now. But, most image editors have a way to set the JPEG Quality when you save a file (higher quality=lower compression=larger file size).

Many software packages have an options button when you use the "Save As" menu choice for JPEG Quality. If you don't see one, there is probably a default JPEG Quality setting somewhere.

As Stevekin suggested, read the manual if you don't see it.

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