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LCD or CRT Monitors for photo editing?

I want to get a good monitor for my PS Elements 3 work, and I want good color rendition. I'm attracted to an LCD 19 inch (Samsung or Viewsonic) but I hear that CRTs deliver better or truer color.

Is this true?

Any obvious hints when buying monitor?
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For me it doesn't matter, so long as it is calibrated. I've used both, but now stick to my 23" Cinema Display LCD.

I'm assuming here that you are doing this as a hobby and not a profession.
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well as long as its calibrated is a rather aloof statement. consider that there are many monitors both LCD and CRT that cannot be calibrated due to built in limitations. after seeing the results on a eizo color edge LCD an apple monitor looks real ahaverage for accuracy. the apple trys to be all things to all people. the eizo does one thing very well color accuracy in a lcd.


on a 19" lcd remember that 90% of those have the same pixel count of a 17". they just make the pixel pitch larger to make it fit the dimensions.

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I think that LCD screens have improved over the last year, so that now I think they are the prefered choice, but you do have to avoid the cheaper models. A DVI interface is also essential.
The main problem you find is un-even coverage. If you open an image, place it at the top of the screen then move it to the bottom, you will often see it get darker or lighter - usless for graphic work. Some of the medium-priced models I have seen very good, but some at the same price are terrible, so if possible test them before you buy.


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sorry sjms. I've never owned or used a monitor that couldn't be calibrated. It is not necessary to call me aloof. You are talking about a monitor that is $2800 and busting on Apple. He's looking at Samsung or Viewsonic and asking about CRT vs. LCD.

To clarify, even a minimally calibrated monitor of either kind will have truer color than one that has only been adjusted by eyeballing it.
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