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Hello there,

I try to use natural light as long as possible going for high ISO and slow shutter speed even if the object is moving a bit.

I don't mean fast action, just a bit of movement can give this blurry effect on a otherwise ok or good shot.

On the other hand there are running kids / animals. Birds in flight and such things where I try to catch the object with folloing a bit with my camera. So I want that blur effect on the background but a sharp object to give that "weee - that was fast!" effect.

Is there any good free/opensource software to handle this? To sharpen the motion blur a tad without damaging the imagine too much?

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Any software that can mask off part of the image, to protect it from the effect of a filter, will do what you want. Certainly Photoshop can do this.

In other words, you create a mask around the kids in question, and apply the blur effect, or "wind" effect, or whatever, and that will in turn only effect the unmasked part of the photo. So if the kids are masked, they will remain sharp, while the rest of the image changes.

There are of course MANY potential uses derived from masking.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks dave,

maybe I wasn't very clear about what I want - I want to get rid of the unwanted blur, not add blur

But the layer trick may help here as well... am working with an old Paintshop version most of the time (was a free giveaway in a computer magazine) so I am not quite up to date when it comes to software... and I dont want to spend lots of money for Photoshop.

Maybe I have a look at the gimp the other day...

Thanks for the reply!

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Try picture cooler. I've heard it's wonderful
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Picture Cooler is a good program for removing camera shake as well as out-of-focus blur, and noise reduction as well. Neat Image has some good sharpening tools along with noise reduction. Focus Magic is probably the standard against which others are measured.

Focus Magic and Picture Cooler use deconvolution algorithms to improve blurred images, where most other sharpening programs use edge detecting and localised contraast enhancement to increase sharpness.

All programs mentioned are either free, or have free trials available, so try out several and decide what works best for you.

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