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I am using Paint Shop Pro 9.0 and am trying to reduce the size of a picture with good detail to 600x400 pixels.

I want to put this photo on a website that wants you to be no more than 600 pixels wide.

The picture is from a Canon 20d.

I have used the function within Paint Shop but after resizing the detail is not there any more.

I didn't think reducing a picture size would reduce detail as much as it appears to.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get it reduced while still maintaining its quality.
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rdjphoto wrote:
... after resizing the detail is not there any more.
May be a sample pic would be useful...

resizing 3504 wide to 600 wide is a lot, it's normal that we lost some details; may be you can cropbefore resizing ?
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Do the other 600 X 400 images on the site have the detail you want? There isn't much available in a 600 X 400 shot. But displayed at 600 X 400 it should look fine. Make sure your display is 100% rather than being blown up at all so it will look the same as it does displayed on the site.

When you increase picture size it helps a little to do it in 5% increments. That might help a little for a downsample, but I have never tried it. Check to make sure PSP is using a more sophisticated filter like bicubic or Lanczos rather than a simple resample. I don't use PSP so I don't know what is available.

Irfanview defaults to the Lanczos filter. Try the downsize in Irfanview with Lanczos checked and compare the results. If Irfanview does a better job you probably have something set wrong in PSP.

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In PSP9's resize dialogue box, you need to resample using either bicubic or the 'smartsize'. I suggest you try both to see if one comes out better than the other.

It's usual for people downsizing a pic for displaying on the web to apply a sharpening filter so edges and fine details are somewhat artificially enhanced, as a last step before saving the file. So try adjust->sharpness->unsharp mask and play a bit with the 'strenght' option, clicking the preview button and trying different values. It should help get a crisper image.

Good luck

(btw, irfanview's lanczoz is indeed quite a resampler. Try it if you have nothing good coming out of PSP after trying the above things)
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