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Iam using ps8cs and ps9cs.

i wroteVBscript for batch proccess to produce a small thumbnails for my web photo gallery.

i load each photo withscript - resize the photo to 150x100pixel image size,and then i save the photo with the according script:

Dim jpgSaveOptions As Photoshop.JPEGSaveOptions
Set jpgSaveOptions = New Photoshop.JPEGSaveOptions
jpgSaveOptions.EmbedColorProfile = True
jpgSaveOptions.FormatOptions = psOptimizedBaseline
jpgSaveOptions.Matte = psNoMatte
jpgSaveOptions.Quality = 5 ''0-12

dupDocRef1.SaveAs newFileName1, Options:=jpgSaveOptions, AsCopy:=True, extensionType:=extType

The file quality dosent compare to the quality and file size as if i useda MANUAL proccess with photoshop by saving as JPEGTOOLusing the same quality level and other preferencess.

with photoshop manual procces i can get 150x100pixel image resolution with only 10k image size and nice quality(i use also ACDSEE batch to create thumbnails and i get small file size 10k with great jpg quality). but when i run the script to make this thumnail i can get only 35Kb minimum size (with poor quality:1)

i prefer to write script insted of actions, so i can dynamically choose a different parameter of image size, ext. every batch proccess.

Any one has an idea to change the script to get better quality with small file size?

i attach two saved jpg images. one with vbscript savAs and seconed with manual SaveAs
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