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First question: I found on this forum quite some time ago that Photoshop CS could only support up to 1GB RAM. CS was actually slower and having problems on computers with >1GB of RAM. I was wondering if anyone knows if this problem was fixed with CS2.

Second question: Does CS or CS2 support 64 bit? I plan on upgrading to 64 bit windows when the new OS is released in 2006 (it's called Windows Vista if you haven't already heard). I currently have CS, I think I will wait until the next version of Photoshop if they are not going to offer 64 bit patch for CS or CS2.
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I think Cs and Cs2 Should work ok, I have Cs2 with 1 gig of ram and it works fine and my second computer that has 512 mg of ram also works fine.If you have some problems in adobe photoshop Cs2 prefrences you can ajust the paging file so it will not be so slow. Also with the 64.bit version the processors say they will be compatible with all the 32bit softweare so I think it might work. But Im not 100% shure.


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First answer : Yes. Photoshop CS2 canaccess the first2Gb of Ram. The operating system will use a portion of this, so CS2 will show something like 1.6/1.7 Gb available. If you are using XP Pro & service pack 2 you can set a switch in the boot.ini file to enable CS2 to use up to 3Gb.

Warning from Adobe : Important: The 3GB switch is a Microsoft switch and may not work with all computers. Contact Microsoft for instructions before you set the 3 GB switch, and for troubleshooting the switch. You can search on the Microsoft support page for 3gb for information on this switch.

Second answer : Although Photoshop remains a 32 bit application, yes, CS2 does support 64 bit processors and operating systems. When running CS2 on a 64 bit set up that has 4Gb of Ram, with the memory usage set to 100%, CS2 will use 3Gb and plugins and filters can use anything over the 100% directly for themselves. This would be from 3Gb to approx 3.7Gb. The remainder, as I said, would be used by the operating system.

If you have 6Gb of ram, (maximum for Windows), the additional 2Gb will be used by Windows to cache the CS2 scratch disk data. Whereas now the scratch disk data is written directly to your hard drive, in 64 bit it will be cached first, then written. Meaning, if you use massive files, the performance of Photoshop will not be hindered.


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Thanks for the direct answers to my questions Stevekin!
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