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I have had the same problem with image files suddenly becoming corrupted on a hard drive with the same symptoms noted in postings above. In my case these files had been on a hard drive on my computer for a few years, not related to a faulty flash card. I needed to use this hard drive in another computer, so I thought I'd transfer the files to two different hard drives for safe keeping.

The corruption happened when I transferred my files from the old hard drive to another. After transfer, Windows XP indicated that the hard drive with the newly located files needed to be checked. When chkdsk ran, it found a bunch of orphaned files and "corrected" the problem. It was after that the files would no longer open.

The strange thing is that I also transferred the same files to another hard drive, so I would have them saved in two locations on my computer, and those transferred without problem and can be opened. I have repartitioned and reformatted the offending hard drive twice, and the same thing happened after I transferred these same files again.

I have not found the solution, but am starting to question the hard drive. All of them are Western Digital. Also, possibly I am transferring an interfering file with this batch of images, but the problem did not occur on one of the two transfers. Anyone have any ideas? I have not found a solution.
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Were you ever able to open these files? If so then the memory cards can't be the problem (although I agree with smaller cards and periodic formatting). As has been mentioned, you could try an image recovery program, although many may only work with flash media.

I generally download images and keep them organized with iView. I then copy the catalog and images to both of my external firewire drives. Only then do I erase the images from my CF card.

This may not help too much with the current problem but could help avoid future problems.

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CarlR wrote:
After transfer, Windows XP indicated that the hard drive with the newly located files needed to be checked.
I have not found the solution, but am starting to question the hard drive.
There is very small chance that the hard drive itself is faulty. But there is a chance that the bios is not compatible with the hardrive concerning addressing sheme. It happens when people add a bigger drive in existant system (which dated some years ago,and have some HD capacity barrier ) Windows, even XP, can report having the whole space of the drive but fail at some point because the address cycle around whith a certain adddress bit.

A necessary test is a HD fill up test. Dupplicate a big zip file until the HD is full. then you are sure the HD addressing is ok. If the process fail (whatever error), then you need to update the bios or installing a bios overlay, and repeat the fill up test.
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On an off chance, you might try this: set XP file explorer to show all file details, specifically extensions. Then make sure the extension matches the type of file.

One of my students had a similar problem; for some reasonher extensions were being changed (for example, several .jpg files had .bmp extensions). Once she fixed the extensions, she accessed her hard-drive-stored photos with no problem. A shot in the dark, but perhaps pertinent.
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Not sure if it's the PC at fault. I think it might be the memory card./

My partner and I have been having this same problem for a few weeks. It started on my mothers pc (Win XP), when we transferred awhole load of digital photos from card to computer. A few days later they suddenly lost all of their info and wouldn't display at all after we'd edited a few. Cue loads of panic about viruses...

New virus software later, and lots of scans and scratching of heads as nothing turned up,my partnerburned the remaining pictures to cd, and put them onto our iBook instead.

Mac os X 10.4, Tiger. Unix.

Therefore no risk of disappearing jpg if it WAS a virus still, surely??

But, Ah. The jpgs have still been disappearing in iPhoto on the Mac, and taking others with them after they've been edited in some way four days or so later. I viewed them in IrfanView, Hex info is just a ton of zeros in binary...

A far as I can see I think the 1 gig CF memory card thingy for the camera may be a bit shagged, but I don't see why it would take other seemingly innocent piccies down with it, unless they were done on the same card, and I simply can't remember if they were.

Can anyone shed any light on this?? We have a Canon EOS D60 digital camera, and have been using a 1 gig Jessops CF memory card wotsit...
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It seems to me that if the files are viewable when you first put them on the computer you can't blame the card. The files were good when they got to the computer.

The only thing I can think would cause files to modify while on the computer is a virus or some really odd write problem to the HD. Viruses can target specific file types, but I don't see how other files would be OK after transfer if I were a write problem.

Norton with the latest definitions plus an online scan would find a virus unless it is something really odd they haven't found yet.

If you could associate it with a specific program I would just eliminate that one program. In MrGaric's case it seems it was reinstalled with the clean Windows install unless a ghost of the boot drive was used. If whatever program was always involved with the files and it was reinstalled after the clean install, I would eliminate it. Or look for patches or an upgrade. If it was cloned a reinstall might work.

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