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Is there any program that will allow you to write EXIF data such as Focal Length, Make, Model and so on to a jpg? I have a lot of old pics I have scanned in and I also shoot with older Leica lenses on my 1D MkII and I would like to record the exif info into the jpg. Photoshop and such just seem to read the data, but not allow you to actually write it.

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These data are stored by the Digital Camera and should not be stored manually by a software......in the long run I think it is hard to remember settings such as, Exposure, Exposure time, ISO settings, Aperture for each individual scanned image.....which will probably in the end lead to inaccurate information.

The only EXIF data that are usually stored when scanning/saving from a software is the DPI settings, Encoding, Width and Height, unless the EXIF data is copied from the file and saved into new file.

JPEG does have a comment area, where you can fill in any information about the file. If you are a Photoshop user, look at the file info settings, by either right clicking on the caption bar of your document and select File info, or selecting it from the File menu. This will do it nicely.

In the attached image you will see the EXIF data when stored from a software (the EXIF data was printed to file from a none-digital image. The image is not mine but shows you what I mean).

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Thank you for the reply, My main reason for wanting to do this is that unlike alot of people, i'm from the very old school where you actually kept a shot log of what settings you used with each shot before the days of digital cameras and exif data. Add to that the fact that the EOS-1D Mk II won't read the focal length or aperature settings from Leica R lenses, and I have a a collection of shots with and without the data even though I actually have the accurate information.

This becomes a problem because I upload my pictures to a php gallery that reads the exif data and I'd like to keep it looking uniform. It also presents itself when looking at the pics with current album programs, be it Photoshop album or any of the other database/catalog programs.

While adding the info to the comments section is feasible, it is not the ideal solution for me. There are programs out there that allow you to change the exif date such as EXIF Viewer 2, but I have not seen any that allow editing of other data.

I can't believe that I am the only one who shot film and would like to present the shot data the same way I do with my digital camera.
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You might try EXIFER a free program. Just Google for the http. You can add comments to the Exif but I'm not sure how it saves it.

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Opanda may do what you want: edit/create exif:

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