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Areany of the Photo shop Shareware Downloads worth downloading?

I was looking at the Adobe web page and found tryout programs for photoshop. They said they would be functional for 30 days. What happens to the program then. Do you just have to erase it?

Are there any other good photoshop type shareware out there that would do a good job of editing or am I just going to have to bite the bullet and buy the full version of Photo shop?

What do you all think?

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The tryouts on Adobe's site are full functioning products for 30 days. After 30 days the program will no longer start up and you will get a message telling you so if you try to launch the program. As for free editors, they are becoming few and far between and to be honest the free ones aren't what they used to be. I remember a day when Paint Shop was free. Which bring me to my next point, although Photosop is probably the best "Professional" editor out there, it doesn't neccesarily make it the best for everyone editor. I would try out Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Digital Imagin6 2006 and anything else you can find that looks appealing to you. I do like Adobe because I know it but I don't think I will upgrade again, I will probably switch to something more "Marriage Friendly".

Good Luck,

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Irfanview is a good place to start for a free photo editor. It does not have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop, but will use the same plugins, which can make it capable of most photo editing duties.

I have heard good things about Google's Picasa, but haven't used it. Also free.

Photoimpact, which I use most, has free trial available for the downloading. There is also a free version of its Photoexplorer, which I believe is fully functional, but does have some ads that you have to put up with. It has some limited editing abilities as well.

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If you don't want to spend big bucks - don't spend any - get the Gimp a great program not Photoshop but the next best , take a while to get used to it but there are tutorials you can work through and you can adapt most Photoshop tutorials to the Gimp.

I have 6 photo editing programs on my computer and increasingly I am only using the Gimp and Irfanview.

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Yes, it can be worthwhile to take a look at a couple of time limited trials. Before you start, make sure you are really going to spend a bunch of time in the next 30 days learning the program. When the 30 days run out, you cannot do any more hands-on learning. The only way to continue is to buy the program - so look at the price tag before you commit to 30 days of studying. If you know you aren't going to buy, why spend the time/effort tolearn a littlebit about it?

You didn't say what your photo editing abilities/knowledge/training/... are. so I'll assume a complete newby.

First learn how to use whatever editor came with your camera. It almost certainly isn't real good, but it will dosome basic stuff like cropping, contrast, ...

Download and figure out Irfanview. Free and a great batch process included. Nice thumbnailer, some basic editing, ... No matter what editor you settle on, you will still find a use for Irfanview.

Remember that a powerful editor is not going to be easy to learn. Things like figuring out what curves do, and why you might want to use them will take time.
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