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For all Canon owners who shoot in RAW+JPG mode!

First Off - I wrote this for myself, then decided to give it away...

Its written for 1280*1024 mainly, if you want it to look "nice"!

This may be fixed in future versions. Full screen mode - (Press "F") is more kind!

What does it do?

1/. Its to aid going through mountains of pictures - where you have JPG versions and you want to delete the JPG version, then have a program go through your RAW files and SYNC them up - so the "keepers" are the same!

2/. Basic File Viewer! (Small and Pretty fast)

3/. Hey its free!!

I only wrote it because there was nothing else out there that did what I wanted..

Dump all your files to be "sorted" in one folder - RAWs and JPG's together...

Run my program - view all the JPG's - review and delete the bad ones.

Press the "Sync" button - it will delete all the associated RAW files that need to be binned - create a RAW subfolder then move the remaining RAW's into there..

Something you might need?

Depends on your workflow of course, but to me its been a great timesaver..

You can get the first public release v1.2 from my website here:


(Only 443 KB to download with its installer. Virus And Trojan Free!)


Steve McDonald.

DISCLAIMER: Although this program has been tested to a high level over many weeks, I cannot accept responsibility for any lost data - use entirely at your own risk. Having said that - I trust it on all my files! I just had to say that!

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I would just like to post an update to this message...

RAWSync Viewer is still free and is at version 1.4

I have now disontinued development on it but have been working on a new

program - a total re-write... called RAWSync Viewer Pro...

Due out in a couple of weeks, it is vastly improved over the original...

Read more and obtain it from http://www.rawsyncviewer.com

Thanks for your time.

(RAWSync Viewer is not for viewing RAW files - it is for sorting them - when you shoot in RAW mode + JGP etc. RAWSync Viewer Pro is much more advanced and its feature list will be announced soon.)


Steve McD.
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Just to update this thread as it is now totally out of date..

If you are interested, please get the latest free version of Picture Viewer Pro here at www.pictureviewerpro.com

Again, a total rewrite - released in October 2006 commercially, the latest update was just a few weeks ago...

Needless to say, it is a totally different program these days but its core function is still the same!!!

Thank you for your time.
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