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I own Photoshop CS and have tried to use the USM feature but can never get it quite right.

Would anyone have any guidelines / procedures for using this feature?

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I push the percentage to the max effect, then ding with the radius until artifacts show up (typically 7 to 15), then back off a bit. Then ding with the threshold until it blurs, back off a bit (threshold doesn't seem to make as much difference as radius). Then back the percentage down until it looks about right. Always looking at the little 100% box and clicking the preview box on/off to get an idea of the effect.

The idea is to push the sharpening utill artifacts show up, then back off from there. Clicking the preview on/off to identify the area getting the most sharpening, then looking at that area at 100%.
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I agree with Bill on his philosophy of adjusting your settings according to results and not a preset number. I wouldn't like Bill's sharpened images and he wouldn't like mine though. So what looks good to you is the most important variable.

I think the radius varies with the size of the image in relation to how large it is being displayed. I've never read a confirmation of that, but it seems to be the case. Other factors are how much in-camera sharpening is set, the subject and personal taste.

I never use a radius larger than 4 except for defogging. And I leave the threshold at zero. I have my in-camera sharpening and contrast set to minimum and use a radius of 2 and amount 40 as a starting point for 7Mp images.

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I have an set of Photoshop scripts and a PDF manual that you can download.


They help automate the sharpening process.

Feel free to look around the rest of my Digital Darkroom. There are lots of free resources there.



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