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When I do a 90 deg rotate on jpgs using Sony's Picture Package viewer, the file size does not change. As far as I can tell, it just changes the orientation informationin the EXIF. But when I do 90 deg rotates on jpgs in PS (Elements 3.0) the file size changes every time I rotate (it usually shrinks).

What's odd is, when I rotate in PS, it always shows "Normal" in the EXIF, but if I view a jpg in PS that has been rotated in Picture Package,it recognizes the rotation information in the EXIF (+/- 90 or 180) and orients the image as Id expect.

Am I to assume that PS is unable to do 90 deg rotation w/o recompressing the image, whileSonys incredibly cheesy picture packageIS able to do it? Or am I missing something? thanks :sad:
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Photoshop doesn't downsize the actual image when you rotate an image and I'm sure Elements doesn't either. Go Image>Image Size before rotating an image and note the size. After rotation do the same and you will find the width and height were just reversed with the same number of pixels.

Photoshop just reduces the display size to fit the entire picture in the box. Grab the lower edge of the box the picture is in before rotating it and drag it larger. Then rotate it and it will be the same size. The display size has nothing to do with the image size.

The easiest way to rotate a folder full of images is with Irfanview. Open one of the images and go File>Thumbnails. Left click one of the images that needs rotating to highlight it and then hold the Ctrl key while you highlight the rest of the images in the folder that have to be rotated. Shift+J, select the rotation you want and "Start". The images will show as rotated in most programs.

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