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I recently purchased the Nikon D50 and am very new to Photoshop. The ither day I downloaded a JPEG fro my D50 and did some post-processing in Photoshop CS. I noticed that when I use "SAVE AS", I can save to a JPEG format but if I use "SAVE", I cannot choose JPEG but there is a PSD format. I also noticed that the JPEG is 856KB but the PSD is 81,879KB. What is the PSD format used for?

Also, when I use "SAVE AS" and save it to JPEG, I get the following options:

Image Options -> Quality -> 10 Maximum
Format Options -> Progressive -> Scans -> 3
Size -> 56.6kps

What do these numbers / options mean?

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PSD is photoshop's native file format and is saving the image exactly as it is with any layers etc you have on it. At 81 Mbs I imagine you have some lol. If you save it as a JPG you lose all that information which you might want if you come back to the image to do anything else.

The other problem with JPGs is that every time you save a JPG it loses some quality, once is probably ok but more than that is degrading your image. For this reason save either to PSD or TIFF (which is the standard that just about every image programme can handle). It depends on what you do with your images as to which is best for you but PSD is likely to be best if you alone use them (you can always do a copy in TIFF or JPG if need be)

Image options>quality is exactly that, the higher the number the better the quality but the bigger the file
Format options> I've never bothered with them
Size> is the size and download time at 56.6 kps (dial up speed), it's an indication of how long it will take someone to open the file from the net. You can alter that speed if you wish

You might try working on an image, duplicating it, and save one as a JPG and the other as a PSD. The open both again and see the differences

I hope this helps
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