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Canna W wrote:
As things stand, I doother chores while I edit. Truly! I click for a filter & go andopen the post, click another filter, and go and do some filing, click save for the web and go and do the washing up, the drying up and the putting away :G.
Oh , sorry Caroline, I was thinking about this post of yours, from one screen to another :-)
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Caroline...though my post count on this forum is minimal, i have been lurking and learning for sometime now and have learned a good deal concerning digital photography...

my primary interest for the last 5yrs has been PC's...building them and knowing current hardware and compatability...in fact, i am a Moderator on the forum i frequent...

minium system requirements for PS 7.0 are a P3 or equivalent...so your 1st prob was having an underpowered rig to run a resource intensive program like PS 7.0 along with Norton...Norton SystemWorks or just the AV prog and Firewall are resource hogs...i'm not saying they're not effective, but the combo of resource intensive apps would be a strain on an older pc.

an AMD Sempron is an economical choice for an upgrade, it's essentially an Athlon Thourougbred...since they are AMD's economy line, i would try to go with the fastest your budget will allow and definitelyhave a minimum of 512mbs of DDR 3200 ram and preferably 1gig...

as for spybot and adaware...since Norton and McAfee are still the leading offerings of AV, Firewall and anti-malware apps out there, it is safe to say they are the ones targeted by intruders the most...running spybot and Adaware once a week is still the way to go...and i have not seen any reviews or articles saying that either of these apps can be replaced by Norton...i run all 3 myself on a weekly schedule...

lastly, there are , to the best of my knowledgeno software that is incompatable with a new cpu / mobo combo of current contemporary offerings acroos AMD or Intel platforms...

hope this helps,


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Thank you K Can & Roy!

I can't believe how helpful everyone has been. Really, it is so nice of you all.

I am going to run off the info. you gave me Roy and pass it on to my neighbour.There's such a mass of variables - it's great to have all this help.

K Can, I love the idea of 2 screens, but I think I'd need another brain as well :lol:.

Thanks again to you all!

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Just an update to say I got another processer with a whole lotmore memory, and the speed at which I can now play with photoshop is just fantastic.

Thanks again for all your suggestions,they really helped me to check out the options and sort things out.


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processor: 3.2 HT

ram: 1 gig

level 1 cache: 512k

hd: 160gig raid mirrored

(close each pic after 'working' it to eliminate 'step memory' built into PS)
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