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When I use photoshop 'Save for Web' (a wonderful tool) it erases my exif data from my pics. This is fine when showing in forums but when entering contests it's a problem. Is there some way to correct this or do I have to go back to resizing and checking sharpness, etc?

Thanks, Suzan

I'd also like to hear what process others use for posting for web.
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'Tis true that 'Save for web' deletes the Exif. This is to ensure a comfortable file size for posting on the web if your original is particularly large'

I tend to use this only when necessary and find that 'save as' does the job just as well in the main.

Try increasing the compression/reducing the quality in save as.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the minimal loss of quality, especially as it will only be seen on screen. Remember, we only need 72 pixels per inch for viewing as opposed to 200/300 pixels per inch for print, so although what will look good on screen may look bad in print, it still looks good on screen !! And with the Exif.

I know that we shouldn't think of print and web viewing in the same terms, it's just to say we can afford to reduce the quality when necessary.

You may have noticed that when saving for web, quite often there is little discernible drop in quality between the largest and smallest file sizes. It can be pretty much the same with save as. Yes, they will be larger, but you do have room for maneuver.

Give it a try.

Alternatively, copy and paste the Exif along with any accompanyingcomments you make to your image and continue with Save for web.


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