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I just bought the book by Scott Kelby, "the Photoshop Cs book for Digital Photographers.It had a ton of great tips on how to edit your work. One thing I noticed was a setting he gave to change the "auto colour" settings So I set them as they were set in the book, saved as default, as instructed, and went to edit some photo's, It seems to leave a gray film on the picture, I tink the original default CS settings were better...but now I do not know what they are...as I have changed them.. I guess I could reinstall the program, but I was hoping someone would be able to go into the menu and see the settings. Adjustments/clevels/auto/options/

Then note the settings your program has, and share them with me please.

Thanks for your time !!
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There is no need to reinstall the program.

The default settings are :
  • 'Enhance Per Channel Contrast' is the only one checked/ dot in the button, you know what I mean. [/*]
  • Shadows set to 0 Clip set to 0.10 [/*]
  • Midtones set to 128 [/*]
  • Highlights set to 255 Clip set to 0.10[/*]
Don't forget to save as default andwhatever settings you input in the Levels dialogue box will automatically be applied to Curves.

Remember, that Scott Kelby's recommendation is only for the Auto function. For users who don't want the extra time involved in doing so manually. Some images are more suited to using the auto settings than others, but I never use the auto settings for anything in PS. They don't always look right, as you have found.

If you want to reset everything that involves user input, you could reset the preference file.

You don't need to do this to alter the settings you asked about. But in case you ever want to do so, with Photoshop closed,navigate to :

C : \ Documents and Settings \ USERNAME \ Application Data \ Adobe \ Photoshop \ 8.0 \ Adobe Photoshop CS Settings

Putting your name in for username or whatever you set up on the computer.

Now delete the file called 'Adobe Photoshop CS Prefs'

Now restart Photoshop and the preference file will be rebuilt at the default settings. This means you have to change everything that you did before, to your chosen settings. Forgive me if this path is wrong, I use CS2 and can't remember if it is the same place or not.

Alternatively, you can try to press Shift, Ctrl, and Alt at the same time, immediately you start Photoshop. If you catch it in time it will ask if you want to trash the preferences. If not it will continue to load PS and you have to try again.

Might be quicker in the end just to delete the file :roll:.

As I said though, you don't need to do this just to reset the levels/Curves auto settings.
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