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I was wondering what the easiest way to covert to B&W in Photoshop was....

I'm trying to use a layer mask to make a b&w photo have a little bit of color (as suggested in another thread) with no luck. When I convert my dup. layer to b&w it also converts my background layer to b&w.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Go to adjusment then desaturate te image...
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Use calculations. More work but you can get some amazing results.
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You can take a look at a good guide and download the photoshop action here. http://www.slower.net/slowerlog/2004...conversion.php

Many other demo and action here. http://www.atncentral.com/download.htm#Gorman_BW_Action

And Here http://www.ephotozine.com/techniques....cfm?recid=334

You will be spoil for choice.

Works for me.

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I rather like the photoshop plugin Virtual Photographer by Opticverve. Very, very nice set of preset filters for colour and b/w, I really suggest you have a look at the site.

It's absolutely free plugin, easy, well supported, and with a great community that adds to the presets when they've found something that looks good.

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By far the easiest way, as you ask for, is as suggested by the man of many words David French .

Ctrl + Shift + U is the keyboard shortcut for Image/Adjustments/Desaturate.

Which is ok if you want the quick way, but is not the best way to convert to B&W.

Calculations does require some work, as said, and is not for the faint-hearted, certainly not for your first ventures into B&W.

Doublechin has provided some very good links to actions to perform the conversion and there are many more actions available. But these don't give the new user an understanding of how it is done.

Virtual Photographer is an excellent free plugin and has many filters included. Well worth downloading for B&W and other types of filters.

There are other ways to do this in PS.

Another quick way is to use a Gradient Map. Bottom of the layers palette, click on Create new fill or adjustment layer and select Gradient Map. If you choose the first preset thumbnail, Foreground to background, the conversion will apply any change using the foreground/background colours as set in the foreground/background swatch in the toolbar. It is recommended to have these at the default black and white, but you could play with lighter shades of grey.

The Channel mixer is popular. Image/Adjustments/Channel Mixer. Check Monochrome and adjust the RGB sliders until you find a pleasing result. A rule of thumb is to keep the total percentages to around +100%, but as with any rule, this can be broken, so if it looks good to you don't worry about being precise with the totals. Each image is made up of a Red, Green and blue channel and using this method alters the greyscale values of each channel, giving more control over the result.

If I don't use a plug in filter, I usually use the channel mixer.

To convert an image to B&W, but leave a little colour,
see here

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